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I’ve just changed the core of Squidility

I’ve just changed the core of Squidility

It’s always worth having a break from time to time to rethink everything. I had a break from Squidility some time ago. And what came to my mind during that break surprised me a lot.

As you probably know, Rob left Squidility some time ago. He decided to be a full-time English teacher and focus only on this. I fully understand his decision and support him in it. It wasn’t a huge surprise for me, as I’ve already known him for quite some time.

Rob, good luck with everything and thank you for everything you did with me here!

His decision came in the middle of my rethinking Squidility process. Some time ago I was burned out. I had to chill a bit and rethink everything to have a chance to recharge my batteries and make the plan for my next steps. For Squidility, for my blogs and for all the rest of the things I was doing.

It wasn’t an easy process but it had to be done. I described my mood and the plans for what I’m going to do in this post. In short, my plan was as follows: rethink every single thing I do. One by one. One thing at a time. As a result I wanted to cancel everything that’s unnecessary or not interesting for me anymore; merge everything what’s worth merging and resuscitate everything that has to be resuscitated. This is how I first finished #dladzieciakow charity event, then I merged all my “content projects” and named them by my real name (instead of have different names for different projects), then I completely redesigned my blogs, then I resuscitated my podcast (in a new form), then… the time has come for Squidility.

And when I started to think about Squidility

I realized that in the meantime I forgot what I wanted Squidility to be. I realized that I missed the point. And probably that’s why it was so hard for me to take care of Squidility and still work on it. Because it became not what I imagined before. It was not what I wanted Squidility to be. I always wanted Squidility to be a product for content creators. And in the meantime, I forgot about it and started to push it completely in the wrong direction.

First thing I had to do was this. In this post I wrote about Steve, our (as I’m the only person that’s working on Squidility again, by “our” I mean my and Squidility’s) new buyer persona. Steve had to be born. Without him I couldn’t even think about what we really need and what the product should offer.

Once he was born, I could plan the next steps. And the next steps I planned then are as follows:

  • Rethink the product and its functionalities
  • Rebuild Squidility to be the thing I want it to be
  • Redesign the blog
  • Redesign the website
  • Merge all the rest of my SaaS products/services under one name: Squidility
  • Next functionalities & marketing

First step took me some time. But I finally did it. So, time has come for the next one.

Rebuild the core of Squidility

After a few weeks of hard work, I can finally say it’s done. Yeah, it’s done.

Squidility has become something I wanted to create. It became a tool for content creators. Not for entrepreneurs, not for content marketers, not for analysts.

It became a tool for content creators. Content creators like me. Content creators like Steve. For bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, writers, journalists or any other content producers.

And what’s the most important in content creation?

For me it’s the process of creation. The process of executing an idea.

Yeah, sure – promotion is important. Analysis is important. Everything what comes after clicking ‘publish’ button is important. But in my opinion, the most important thing for content creators should be the process of content creation. The process of executing ideas for content.

The content idea

Therefore, it’s all about the idea in Squidility now. The idea, the content idea – this one small thing that starts it all.

Now in Squidility you may focus on organizing content ideas, on moving them from one step of content creation process to another, on adding them to the projects, on cloning them, on adding tags to them, on commenting them.

Squidility is a tool for content creators

And it will be such a tool. Now and always.

Because all the new functionalities that will be developed here, will be for content creators, so they could focus on the content creation process and simply create better content.

But at first (before I start to develop new functionalities) I need to do some other things, according to my plan (mentioned above).

So, stay tuned as in the near future there will be many more changes here.

And for now – please log in to your Squidility account, add some projects, content ideas, do something with them and start using the tool on a daily basis. Then, tell me what you think. Please write a comment below or write me an email. I’ll be more than happy to learn what you think about the changes.

Entrepreneur, manager, blogger, man and father. Founder of Squidility, blogger KarolZielinski.com, CEO at PayLane.

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