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Cutting Through The Clutter

Cutting Through The Clutter

Cutting through the clutter is the main problem we all face when starting up a business. We don’t have the funds for in-your-face advertising. Therefore, we need to grab our audience by the scruff of the neck – as smoothly as we can, of course. 

With more [distribution] channels, it’s important to have ‘must-have’ content and brands that cut through the clutter.

– Thomas O Staggs

Why cutting through the clutter is hard

Here’s an analogy: I have a fantastic DVD collection. Many to choose from. When I finally get 2 hours of me time, I feel like watching a good movie. I skim and scan through my awesome collection, and then decide to do something else. The internet is bigger than my DVD collection and some of the content is awesome. But we are flooded with so much of it that we can’t focus our attention for too long on just one piece of content. A fantastic piece of content which may have taken hours to create can become nothing but a split-second glimpse on Facebook’s conveyer belt.

Why to befriend Facebook

Facebook is by far the leading social media portal. From kids, teenagers, adults, even to grandparents. That’s where people are at the moment and if you want your voice to be heard, Facebook is where your audience are most probably listening.  In fact, most people check their Facebook the moment they wake up – or even still half asleep. It’s become as much part of a routine as brushing your teeth. Post your content regularly on Facebook and some people out there might just hear your voice.

My audience are listening but are they hearing?

The problem with Facebook is that everyone uses it – actively. Is that good or bad? The moment you post some golden content, it doesn’t take long before it gets layered with silver and bronze by other unrelated content. And deeper and deeper your content gets buried, sinking further and further down the timeline. As a result, your audience might login a few minutes too late and miss the boat.

How Facebook algorithms affect your voice

Facebook runs a set of algorithms which may determine what you see and what you don’t. How? Facebook carries a diary. What you do on Facebook gets recorded into their system. All your activity: views, likes and shares becomes part of your profile search system. Facebook can decide that you shall not see the content of all of your friends on Facebook. No. Only the content of other Facebook users you have recently been active with. The more active you are with a small number of Facebook users, the smaller your prism gets.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Knowing how to configure your content, titles and captions is key to whether or not you get found. The more often you use key words throughout your content, the more likely your content will be visible to the public. There are some great tools such as Yoast that can help you optimize your search presence. Google, Facebook and YouTube are key portals that could really help people discover your content. Check out Google Adwords to learn more about the relevance of key wording.

Be different

If you really want to cut through the clutter, be different. Be original. You need to do things your way. Create your own content. Your own image. If you follow what everyone else is doing, you’ll just be another competitor in a rat race kneeling down to a fully fed audience. Remember, they should be your audience. They should follow you. Write blogs and create vlogs using your own personal philosophy, in your own style. You might deter a lot of people who don’t agree with your way of doing things. So what? They are not your audience. Therefore, trying to make everyone happy will just make you average. And desperate.

Know your audience

But by being different, by being yourself, you will attract your own following. Create your own tribe. Create your own market and be the market leader. And create content in your own image, and those who follow you will slip through the cracks. You will cut through the clutter and they will hear your voice. Once you have defined yourself and you have identified your audience, create the best damn content in your own way. And those who are looking will see you. Those who are listening will hear you. But know your audience.

Know thyself.


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