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February 2016 Report

February 2016 Report

That’s the first post of the whole Squid’s Transparency series. Have a look at how we do things here, what we did in last month, what plans we have for next couple of weeks, what’s good and what’s bad. Without hiding anything.

Why do I publish this report?

I truly believe in transparency. I love honesty and when people say what they think. In work, in life, everywhere. That’s why we are not going to hide anything that’s related to Squidility.

Take a look at our good and bad moments. As we think that may teach you a lot about doing web (SaaS) business.

February, 2016

I truly believe that we can treat February, 2016 as the first month of Squidility. Yeah, we have launched it long before, but as we pointed out in our last blog post – February was the first month in a really long time, when we (I) truly and honestly worked on improving Squidility.

Let say it again: we treat February, 2016 as the month in which Squidility was born.

What have we done in February?

First and foremost, Squidility was born. Truly born. I learned a lot, I planned everything from scratch. I decided what Squidility would be, who I want to have on board and why. And we (I) started to work based on new plans.

More than that, the most important things which happened in February are:

  • I’ve fixed lots of things in Squidility (especially things related to fetching data from social media channels, adding new projects, fetching blog posts’ titles). I have also improved lots of functionalities here (e.g. fetching data from external APIs). Not everything works perfectly yet, but it’s closer to being perfect than ever before.
  • I’ve changed the functionality of adding new projects. Now it’s not necessary to put name or description of the project; but it is necessary to choose category of it.
  • I’ve fixed the layout of this blog. I’ve found a lot (really a lot) of bugs in it. As far as I know, I’ve fixed all of them. Now Squidility blog should look great on both desktop and mobile devices.

What did we want to do in February, but didn’t do?

There are a couple of things that I wanted to do in February, but I didn’t do them.

The most important ones are:

  • Finish mechanisms of fetching data from blogs (fetching all the information about the blog posts).
  • I’ve finished mechanisms of fetching blog posts’ titles, but didn’t finish the rest (information about publishing date, language, length of articles etc.)
  • Start marketing Squidility once again. Unfortunately, I didn’t start it yet.

What’s the reason for not achieving these goals?

The reason is really simple. Lack of time. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to finish (or even start, like in the case of marketing) them.

Stats in February

That’s the first month, so all the numbers are really, really small. But thanks to that we have a really good starting point.

Let’s have a look at the numbers…

Squidility website:

February 2016 - squidility com

Squidility blog:

February 2016 - blog squidility com


Active users: 22

Paying customers: 0

Income: 0

Expenses: 30 PLN = 8 USD

In Squidility newsletter: 55 emails

In Squidility blog newsletters: 3 emails

Sites in Squidility (sites that we analyze): 27

Posts (pieces of content that we analyze): 28,041

Projects (projects that have been added by users): 26

Content ideas (content ideas that have been added by users): 391

The biggest lesson we learned in February

First and foremost, the biggest lesson I learned: if you need to count on someone, count on yourself. I’ve described much more in my previous post on this blog, so take a look there: Why we were away for so much time?

What are the plans for March?

There are three main goals for March. These are:

  • Squidility has to be alive again. That means regular, continuous improvement, quick fixes and what’s ever so important… marketing. I need to start marketing Squidility once again. Now for real. And I have a few – really good – ideas for that.
  • Finish mechanisms of fetching data from blogs (fetching all the information about the blog posts, e.g. publishing date, language, length of the content)
  • New functionality that shows all the fetched data (titles, languages, dates etc.)

There’s a lot of data to show.

Ladies and gentlemen, Squidility’s back.

Squidility was born. Again. And now… for real.

Entrepreneur, manager, blogger, man and father. Founder of Squidility, blogger KarolZielinski.com, CEO at PayLane.

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