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How To Create a Facebook Page for your Brand?

How To Create a Facebook Page for your Brand?

According to your marketing strategy you may want to share your thoughts on Facebook. Here are some instructions on how to make a Facebook Page for your brand.

It’s not a lot of work, so don’t worry. Just a couple of minutes and your brand-new Facebook Page will be ready to share everything you want to share.

  1. First of all log in to your private Facebook account.
  2. Click on the PAGES link in the left menu.
  3. Click the button “Create a Page”.
    Facebook Page - Create Page
  4. Choose the type of your page (I guess that will be “Company, Organization or Institution”) and click on it.
    Facebook Page - Type of Page
  5. Choose the category of your brand, put a company/brand name and click on the “Get Started” button.
    Facebook Page - Category
  6. Put some short description of your brand and your website address. Click on “Save Info”.
    Facebook Page - About
  7. Upload a profile picture (best if it would be 180px by 180px). Click on “Next”.
  8. You may add your brand-new Page to your favorites (so it will appear in the left menu) or simply click on “Skip”.
  9. Put some information about your audience (locations, age, gender, interests) and click on “Save”.
  10. Now your Facebook Page is ready. However you need to customize it so it will look better and simply more professional for your audience.
  11. First add a cover. Click on the “Add a Cover” link above your profile picture and on “Upload Photo”. Choose a photo and upload it. It’s best if your photo would be 851px by 315px. Then click on the “Save Changes” button below your cover photo.
    Facebook Page - Add a Cover
  12. Then add a profile photo. Click on the “Add Photo” link and on “Upload Photo”. Choose a photo and upload it. It’s best if your photo would be 160px by 160px.
    Facebook Page - profile photo
  13. Now click on the “About” link below your cover photo.
    Facebook Page - Add about
  14. Set your Facebook Web Address (that will be the URL of your Facebook Page, e.g. facebook.com/squidility). Click on the “Enter a Facebook web address” link next to “Facebook Web Address”. Note that you may be not able to set your Facebook Web Address before you get at least 25 fans (in that case you will see a message “Your page needs at least 25 fans to have a web address.” here). If you see such a message, simply skip this step and come back to it once you get at least 25 fans of your page.Here are a few things to keep in mind when you create a custom username:
    • Choose a username you’ll be happy with for the long term. Usernames are not transferable, and you can only change your username once.
    • Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (“.”).
    • Periods (“.”) and capitalization don’t count as a part of a username. For example, johnsmith55, John.Smith55 and john.smith.55 are all considered the same username.
    • Usernames must be at least 5 characters long and can’t contain generic terms or extensions (ex: .com, .net).

    Facebook Page - web address

  15. On the same page – put all the rest of the information you want to show (topics/key words, start date, address, long description etc.). Put there as much information as you can.
  16. Once you have all the information in place, it’s time to create a call to action button. Click on the “Create Call to Action” button that appears on your cover photo. Then choose a button (e.g. Sign Up or Contact Us), put the URL of your brand and click “Next”. Now click on “Next” again. And on “Create”. Once you do this, you will see your call to action button on the cover photo. This button will enable your audience to quickly go to your website and do something you want them to do (e.g. sign up to your tool, contact you or buy something).
    Facebook Page - create call to action
  17. Now go back to your Timeline (click on “Timeline” link below your cover photo) and write your first post.
    Facebook Page - first post
  18. And that’s all. You have your brand-new Facebook Page ready. Now it’s time to invite people to like your Page. The best thing at the beginning would be to use Facebook’s “Invite friends” mechanism. So simply click on “Invite friends to like this Page” in left menu and choose the friends you want to invite to your Page.
    Facebook Page - Invite friends
  19. That’s all. Good luck!

Btw. Here’s a great post with all the dimensions of the images you may want to upload to your Facebook Page.

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