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How To Start Marketing Your Brand-New Startup?

How To Start Marketing Your Brand-New Startup?

Every startup needs to be promoted. And that’s how you should start marketing your startup.

At the beginning it’s all about the plan.

So first of all…

Make a plan, the whole marketing strategy for your startup

Answer a few questions first:

  • What’s your startup providing?
  • What kind of problem is it solving?
  • Who’s the audience? What kind of customers would you like to have?
  • Where you can find this kind of customers?
  • What are the interests of these people?

Our answers are as follows:

We’re building a content marketing platform. Squidility will analyze content you create, as well as your competitor’s content. It will also give you mechanisms to manage your content ideas, as well as build the whole content marketing strategy (when to publish what).

It will give you a look at what kind of content is popular. What’s more likely to be shared by your fans and fans of your competitors. It will also recommend you what to write next.

We would like to provide our tool to all kinds of startup founders and web entrepreneurs that promote their business by content marketing. Also we would like to provide the tool to the bloggers (writing about entrepreneurship and online marketing).

These kinds of people are around the web. Especially on social media.

These people are interested in content marketing and building an online business based on content they provide. They want to read about tips and case studies. They could also be interested in tutorials.

How to interest these people?

If you know where they are and what their interests are, you can think about the ways to interest them.

In our case:

We want to interest them by the high value content we provide. That will be blog posts, short tips on our social media channels, case studies and reports.

We also want to share all the stats we have and be as transparent as we can, so people can see how well we are going.

What do you have right now? And what can you use to promote your startup?

What do you have right now? Any platform where you already have a community? High value blog? Social media accounts with a huge base of followers? Well-known name? Money for ads? Lots of friends that could recommend your tool to others? Lots of friends that have problems that you are trying to solve?

In our case:

Squidility is a new tool, without a recognizable name, without much influence on founders and/or investors. We are starting from scratch.

Our stats for now (for squidility.com) are as follow:

Squidility.com stats

And for this blog:

blog.squidility.com stats

We also don’t have lots of money for ads.

However as we have been in the web business industry for many years – we know lots of bloggers and entrepreneurs. We also know some content marketing specialist and social media influencers.

So what can we do? Just one thing: content marketing.

So, we are going to:

  1. Use our existing platforms (personal blog, mailing list, Twitter, Facebook) to promote the tool and gain traffic
  2. Use our existing connections to gain feedback and promote the tool
  3. Build lots of high value content
  4. Build our own platforms to promote our content and build a brand of Squidility

No ads, no trying to show off in the media. At least for now.

What can you do? What are your skills?

What are your skills? Are you a programmer? A graphic designer? A video producer? A journalist? A social media specialist? Do you have a radio voice?

Based on your skills you can decide about the strategy. About the content you’re going to create.

For us it’s simple:

We feel good in writing. We don’t have radio voices, so podcast is not an option. We are not the best graphic designers, so we won’t create beautiful designs. We have little experience in video producing, so we won’t build a youtube channel.

We are going to write. And focus on promoting these text pieces of content. We can also use the data that we are going to collect in Squidility to make some reports.

For promotion… we can use text, as well as images created using free tools like Canva or Pablo.

And the plan…

Everything depends on what you have answered before. For instance if you have money for ads – you can invest that money in PPC or anything else. If you have access to big websites or journalists – you can focus more on media coverage. If you’re an influencer already – you can use your existing platform to promote your startup.

For us, the plan for the beginning is as follows:

  1. Build a platform (this blog)
  2. Write first blog posts for this platform
  3. Build a mailing list for Squidility’s blog
  4. Build the rest of the platforms (create accounts on social media networks where our users/customers are)
  5. Start building an audience on these platforms (gaining followers and subscribers)
  6. Promote content using Squidility’s platforms, as well as using the rest of the platforms
Entrepreneur, manager, blogger, man and father. Founder of Squidility, blogger KarolZielinski.com, CEO at PayLane.

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