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March 2016 Report

March 2016 Report

That’s the next post of the Squid’s Transparency series. Have a look at how we do things here, what we did in March, what plans we have for next month, what’s good and what’s bad. We’re not going to hide anything.

Why do I publish this report?

I truly believe in transparency. I love honesty and when people say what they think. In work, in life, everywhere. That’s why we are not going to hide anything that’s related to Squidility.

Take a look at our good and bad moments. As we think that may teach you a lot about doing web (SaaS) business.

March, 2016

I treat March, 2016 as the second month of Squidility. I hoped to do lots of things in March, however reality was different. Most of the things I planned to do, I did not do. Instead I did some other things, so Squidility now works much better.

What have we done in March?

Lots of things related to maintenance and optimization. I planned to do some other things (new functionalities), but in that month maintenance and optimization became the number one priority.

Especially that because everything started to work much better and faster, lots of things started to happen (e.g. some servers started to respond with ‘Too many requests’ error message for our requests). Also, there was one other thing that took me lot of time. I realized that authors of some websites/blogs (e.g. Business Insider) like to delete their content. And because we’re checking these sites and posts on these sites from time to time, our scripts started to freak out (because they couldn’t find posts which were online some time ago). And servers didn’t respond by ‘404’ code each time. For some reasons some of these servers respond e.g. by ‘503’ code. And that could mean anything… that it’s a temporary technical problem or that post has been deleted or whatever else. So I had to handle all of the scenarios here.

Then I had to do one more important thing… notifications. Notifications about all the technical issues we may have. Till March, our scripts were sending all the technical notifications to me, by email. Now the whole notification mechanism is much smarter.

Sometimes it sends something on email, sometimes it puts a notification on Slack, sometimes it doesn’t send anything at all. Now we’re ready for tons of notifications, even those with errors (just like we had in March, because of Business Insider).

What did we want to do in March, but didn’t do?

There were three main goals for March. These were:

  • Marketing. I wanted to start promoting Squidility once again. And now for real.
  • Finish mechanisms of fetching all the information about the blog posts
  • New functionality that shows all the fetched data

First goal was almost accomplished. I started to promote Squidility, but far too late. I started to do it at the end of March. Two last goals were not accomplished. I started them, but did not have a chance to finish.

What’s the reason for not achieving these goals?

There is only one reason for that: priorities. Fighting with current issues (especially related to disappearing content) was something I had to take care at first. And there was no time to do anything more.

Stats in March

That’s the second month, so all the numbers are still really small. But that’s the beginning…

Squidility website:

Squidility website - March

Squidility blog:

Squidility blog - March


Active users: 22

Paying customers: 0

Income: 0

Expenses: 0

In Squidility newsletter: 57 emails

In Squidility blog newsletters: 3 emails

Sites in Squidility (sites that we analyze): 38

Posts (pieces of content that we analyze): 44,735

Projects (projects that have been added by users): 33

Content ideas (content ideas that have been added by users): 401

The biggest lesson we learned in March

First and foremost, the biggest lesson I learned: don’t be so sure about anything. Anything could happen. Be prepared for the unpredictable.

What are the plans for April?

We have similar goals to these from March. Plus, one more. These are:

  • Regular, continuous improvement; regular, continuous marketing. Real marketing. Day by day.
  • Finish mechanisms of fetching data from blogs (fetching all the information about the blog posts, e.g. publishing date, language, length of the content)
  • New functionality that shows all the fetched data (titles, languages, dates etc.)
  • Fetching blog posts from sites that don’t have RSS feeds
  • One huge change to implement in near weeks. But that’s a surprise for now. I’m gonna tell you everything about that in a near future

Ladies and gentlemen, Squidility’s in really good shape. The future looks great.

Entrepreneur, manager, blogger, man and father. Founder of Squidility, blogger KarolZielinski.com, CEO at PayLane.

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