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May 2016 Report

May 2016 Report

This is the next post of the Squid’s Transparency series. Have a look at how we do things here, what we did in May, what plans we have for next month, what’s good and what’s bad.

We’re not going to hide anything.

Why do I publish this report?

I truly believe in transparency. I love honesty and when people say what they think. In work, in life, everywhere. That’s why we are not going to hide anything that’s related to Squidility.

May, 2016

May was the very first month in which I was working together with my new co-founder, Rob.

Rob was still learning how Squidility works, how content marketing works, what we need to do here, how and when. He also wrote his first few pieces of content for Squidility. In the meantime, I could focus more on building the product again.

What have we done in May?

We focused on three things in May.

The first thing was marketing. We have created a plan, the marketing strategy for the next couple of months. We had a lot to discuss here, but we have also created a few first pieces of content (for Squidility blog, as well as for its website).

The second thing was business. We had to discuss what we are going to do here, when and how. We have created a small business strategy for the next couple of months.

The third thing was the product. At last I had some free time to focus more on building the product, new functionalities and algorithms. Most of the new functionalities are not available yet, but the whole backend for them is already created.

What did we want to do in May, but didn’t do?

There were five main goals for May. These were:

  • Make a plan for both of us (for my co-founder and me). What we should do, when and how. And simply do whatever we planned to do.
  • Regular, continuous marketing. Real marketing. Day by day.
  • Finish mechanisms of fetching data from blogs (fetching all the information about the blog posts, e.g. publishing date, language, length of the content)
  • Finish mechanisms of fetching blog posts from sites that don’t have RSS feeds
  • New functionality that shows all the fetched data (titles, languages, dates etc.)

The first goal has been accomplished. As for now, because there will be a lot of new things in the future, of course.

The second goal has been partly accomplished. We did a lot more in the case of marketing than in previous months. The next few months should be much better.

Third and fourth goals have been accomplished. Everything’s ready here.

Fifth goal has been partly accomplished. I did a lot in the case of this view, but it’s not available for everyone yet. I’m still working on it.

What’s the reason for not achieving these goals?

There is no one big reason for that. We did what we were able to do in May. We simply wanted to do too much for one month.

Stats in May

It’s the fourth month, so all the numbers are still small. We can see an increase almost everywhere, but still – a small increase.

Squidility website:

Squidility website - May 2016

Squidility blog:

Squidility blog - May 2016


Active users: 27

Paying customers: 0

Income: 0

Expenses: 0

In Squidility newsletter: 64 emails

In Squidility blog newsletters: 2 emails

Sites in Squidility (sites that we analyze): 67

Posts (pieces of content that we analyze): 70,587

Projects (projects that have been added by users): 56

Content ideas (content ideas that have been added by users): 446

The biggest lesson we learned in May

The biggest lesson I learned: you may think that some of the things you’re trying to teach someone are obvious or extremely simple. These things may be so of course. For you. And only for you. Because for other people they might not be.

What are the plans for June?

The main thing here: we want to finish everything that we started in May. In addition, there is something more. To be more specific, our plans for June are as follow:

  • Regular, continuous marketing. Real marketing. Day by day.
  • New functionality that shows all the fetched data (titles, languages, dates etc.)
  • Create a real, formal business plan for Squidility
  • Start guest posting, prepare for it, start writing articles, start sending them to the editors of external sites

Yep, we’re almost ready to focus more on marketing and sales, as the product is really close to the first version of something that we could really be proud of.

Entrepreneur, manager, blogger, man and father. Founder of Squidility, blogger KarolZielinski.com, CEO at PayLane.

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