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Multi Topic vs SingleTopic Blog: Which is Better and Why?

Multi Topic vs SingleTopic Blog: Which is Better and Why?

You may be wondering which is better: a multi topic or single topic blog. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. However I tend to favour one over the other. Let me take you through the pros and cons and we’ll see if you take my side.

Advantages of a Multi Topic Blog

If you’re starting out as a beginner at blogging, you may be tempted to write about anything and everything. You’re fresh, full of ideas. If you’re a skilled blogger, you too may be tempted to write about anything and everything. Writing about multi topics may draw more traffic to your site since you will reach a vast range of people with various interests. Your blog could gain popularity among almost every kind of audience. You will also never stop writing because your ideas for content are limitless.

If you want to draw water, do not dig 6 one-foot wells; you dig 1 six-foot well.

– Buddha

Disadvantages of a Multi Topic Blog

A Multi Topic blog has a vast range of topics, but they can be as shallow as a one-foot well. You might reach a vast audience, but it is unlikely you will actually form a relationship with this audience. Your reader may have come across you unintentionally, perhaps read an article or two, and left it at that. They may never find your link again. If they were really interested in your article’s topic, I’m sure they would be following a blog with dozens of articles on that particular topic. Your SEO (search engine optimization) will likely be too weak to appear on Google – unless they strike your focus keywords to perfection.

On top of that, imagine all the time and energy spent on research for such as vast range of topics. The articles should be of high quality and contain reliable assertions and facts. Or perhaps you have many writers who can take care of all that? If so, that’s great, as long as you can afford their wages.

Worst of all, a Multi Topic blog may confuse your visitors. I remember the day when a supermarket just had food. I wanted food, so that’s where I went. Now find myself looking for food in a section full of socks and underwear. Sometimes being overwhelmed with too much choice leaves a visitor wanting to find the exit.

Advantages of a Single Topic Blog

If you’re writing a blog on a single topic, you ought to know your stuff – and you probable do. Why else would you write? One writer, one topic, one audience. That’s how relationships are formed. Consequently, your visitors sooner become loyal visitors and frequent readers. Not just of your topic, but of you or your company. You can feed your audience with different flavours and textures of the same topic.

Moreover, by writing on one particular topic, you plant deep roots with your SEO. Keywords on your blog are repeated and further repeated post after post. These focus keywords become deep-rooted and your SEO gains a greater likelihood of appearing at a higher place on Google.

Above all, creating high quality and reliable content on one particular topic makes you a thought leader. You will become the go-to-website for more information on the topic.

Disadvantages of a Single Topic Blog

Your articles may start out incredibly interesting, informative and inspiring. But after a while, you might end up running on a empty tank. Your articles may go stale and stagnant. After all, how much can one write on one topic? You might find it hard and time consuming to find ideas or inspiration to write a topic which will engage your reader. In fact, if I continue writing about this, you may soon lose interest.


To sum up, we’ve taken a look at the advantages and disadvantages of writing a Multi Topic Blog vs Single Topic Blog.

Multi Topic Blog

  • Vast range of topics to write about
  • Gain popularity through a large and various audience
  • Limitless ideas to write about
  • Poor SEO
  • Time and energy consuming for reliable posts
  • Content is shallow
  • Overwhelming content may confuse visitors

Single Topic Blog

  • High quality and reliable content of the topic
  • The reader is likely to be satisfied with the library of content of their topic
  • Good SEO makes internet users more likely to find you
  • Increased loyalty and formed relationships
  • Your audience will see you as a thought leader
  • Ideas must be fresh and engaging over a long period of time


If you are a lone blogger and you want to build your own personal brand, I’d say write about your passion. And write till your hands bleed. Your loyal audience, once finding you through well-managed SEO, will heal your wounds.

If you want to draw water, do not dig 6 one-foot wells; you dig 1 six-foot well.

– Buddha


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