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Why did we stop publishing Monthly Reports?

Why did we stop publishing Monthly Reports?

In the last couple of months, we published a few blog posts with our Monthly Reports. They showed what we had done in the previous month, what we accomplished, what we didn’t accomplish etc. Now we’ve stopped publishing these reports.

There are two reasons for this decision. The first one, which is a little bit less important. And the second one, which is the most important here.

Lack of time and disappointment

I’ve described everything in details here, but to summarize… I didn’t have time to take care of it. Lots of other projects had to be done and I decided to focus more on improving Squidility (the product), not on writing about it. A day has only 24 hours. A week includes 7 days. It’s not enough to take care of everything. I had to choose what’s more important, what can wait and what cannot wait.

And here comes the second reason for my decision. I had to rethink everything and once I did it, I realized that.

There is no point in publishing such reports any more

I’m a huge believer in transparency in business. I still want to show you everything we do here, how our activities have an impact on the brand, the product and the business.

However, I don’t want to do this by such reports.

At first I thought they might be interesting. Because they showed everything; we didn’t hide anything and everyone might take a look at them and learn…

Learn – yeah, that’s the most important word here. Learn. I always wanted to not only show the way we do things here, but also to provide content that might be interesting and valuable for the readers. So our reader – you! – may learn something from it.

And once I rethought all of that, I realized that…

What I did in Monthly Reports is not interesting. And it’s not valuable for anyone.

Most of these reports were very similar. Some of the months were almost exactly the same. One thing is that we didn’t have enough time to spend as much time on Squidility as we wanted to spend. The second thing is that some of the projects we were working on were so big, that there was no chance to finish them in one month (so in our monthly reports they were still marked as not done).

They didn’t teach anyone anything. Anything except that there is nothing going on at Squidility (that’s how it looked). And of course it’s not true. There are lots of things that happen here, but describing these things should not be done in Monthly Reports, but in some other, more interesting, more valuable pieces of content.

So are we going to stop publishing posts about how we do things here?

No, absolutely not. We will still publish such posts. But they will be different. They will vary significantly from what we have published before. They will be much more focused on particular cases, results, things that surprised us, things that worked and those that did not work well.

Now, as Rob is much better in content creation, I shall focus more on things I love and want to focus on. I shall focus on business and product development.

And there are lots of things happening in this area. And I’ll probably start to publish such posts, these much more interesting and valuable ones, in the next couple of weeks.

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Entrepreneur, manager, blogger, man and father. Founder of Squidility, blogger KarolZielinski.com, CEO at PayLane.

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