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Something new at Squidility. Daily Journal has come.

Something new at Squidility. Daily Journal has come.

The time has come for something new at Squidility. New, huge change. New functionality. Or maybe not even a functionality. More – a product, an app. Daily Journal.

A few months ago I built Slickky.

I was in love with the Five Minute Journal concept. However, this FMJ was not exactly what I really wanted. Somehow it was, somehow it was not. This is why I decided to build my own app for daily journalism. I’ve built it and called it Slickky.

However, there was one, huge problem with it. Not with Slickky, more like with me. I had two after-hours SaaS products now. Squidility for me and all the content creators. Slickky for me and all the people that want to “boost their happiness”.

Two separate products, two separate brands. Twice as much work that has to be done to promote, sell and maintain.

This was too much.

In the meantime, my idea for Squidility has clarified. Squidility was and still is my no. 1 after-work product. And the longer I was thinking about Squidility, the longer I was thinking about content creators as people. People that have their own successes and failures; their own passions and dreams; their own day-to-day/week-to-week/month-to-month goals and things that have to be done. Something outside their blogs, YT channels, social media channels or content sites. Something called life.

And the longer I was thinking about it, the more sure I was, that Slickky shouldn’t be a separate product. It has to be the part of the bigger family. The Squid Family.

And this is what happened today.

Two big things happened today.

  1. The idea of Squid’s ecosystem was born.
  2. Slickky became Squid Journal and is no longer a separate application.

Squid’s Ecosystem

To fully meet content creators’ needs, we need something more than the app to manage content ideas and content statistics. I truly believe that we even need something more than just Squidility. We need Squidility + the whole ecosystem of complementary products around it.

We need smaller and bigger apps/products talking to each other (or sometimes they don’t even need to talk to each other). And all of them have to be under the same roof.

Today we start to think about Squidility as about the ecosystem of complementary apps under one brand in the Squid Family.

And Squid Journal becomes the second member of the family, just after Squidility. The younger brother of Squidility.

Sooner or later we will present you the next members, as my mission is to meet as many needs of content creators as possible. Many different needs. So stay tuned :)

Let me present Squid Journal

I’m touched and honored today, as I have the chance to present you the next member of the Squid Family.

Squid Journal (previously Slickky) is the app that will boost your productivity and (what’s even more important!) your happiness.

How is it going to help you to be more productive/happy?

By giving you the ability to:

  • set your goals (long term ones, as well as annual, monthly and weekly ones), so you won’t ever forget about what the most important tasks to take care of are
  • answer a few simple questions in the morning and other ones in the evening
  • fill your private journal (write whatever you want, whenever you want and be sure that no one will ever see it)

And you will also have a chance to share your goals and answers for morning/evening questions (if you want to make them public). We won’t share your private journal of course ;)

Our main mission at Squid Journal is to give you a chance to have really great days and focus only on what’s really important for you.

Now what?

Now it’s even easier than you could imagine. Sign up at Squidility.com and check everything by yourself. Use Squidility to manage your content ideas and Squid Journal for writing your daily journal and for keeping up-to-date with all your long and short term goals.

And simply be more productive. And happier. Than ever.

See you around
Karol from Squid Family

Entrepreneur, manager, blogger, man and father. Founder of Squidility, blogger KarolZielinski.com, CEO at PayLane.

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