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Why we were away for so much time?

Why we were away for so much time?

For the last couple of months, we were away. Nothing new has been published on our blog, there have been no new statuses on our Facebook page or Twitter. Here’s why…

There were a lot of reasons. But to be more specific, three of them were the most important ones.


I started to work at Squidility alone. That was my idea to build it, and I’ve built the whole system on my own.

However, after couple of months of working on it, I decided to look for co-founders. There were two reasons for that:

  • I had some problems with development (data was increasing much faster than I thought and I wanted to involve someone in this project who’s more experienced in such large databases)
  • I wanted to move more quickly (I wanted to focus more on business development, marketing and sales, and I was in need to involve someone who could take care of development process). I talked to a friend about this project and he decided to join me. After a couple of weeks, he talked to another friend and involved him as well.

At the beginning everything looked good. We had a couple of meetings and decided to build Squidility together. I stopped developing it and was waiting for them. I was waiting for about two or three months.

Unfortunately, nothing changed during that period. They wrote a few lines of code. And that’s it.

We met twice and decided not to do it together. They didn’t want to take it more seriously and focus on it. They had other priorities and I had other ones.

It’s been two or three months and nothing new has been released.

Technical issues

At first I built everything using Ruby on Rails. Front end and back end. And in case of the back end, that was a mistake. Unfortunately, if you need to parse a huge amount of data – other technologies are much better.

Database was increasing really quickly and my scripts were not able to parse everything on time. I had to rewrite everything using other technologies and because it wasn’t an easy thing, everything took me about a month.

Once I rewrote everything – I had to face with another thing. Scripts were so fast, that I was reaching maximum limits of requests in external APIs. I had to change it a bit, so everything could work fine.

It took me another week or two.

However, in the meantime another issue came up. After a couple of weeks of fetching data, Facebook’s API was returning me status ‘Limit reached’ all the time. I was sure that they blocked my IP, so I contacted them and asked to unblock. After a couple of weeks of talking to Facebook’s support, I realized that I wasn’t blocked. I had a bug in my code. Once I fixed it – everything started to work properly once again. I lost another couple of weeks. My bad.


At the end of last year, I was tired. Really tired. Also after all these issues with co-founders and all these technical issues, I was simply burned out. It took me another month and a half to rest and recharge my batteries.

At the beginning of February, at last, I came back to life and I’m ready for new challenges.

What now?

All the systems work fine, or even more than that – all the systems work better than ever. Squidility’s fetching data from everywhere (lots of data!), new functionalities are on the way. In the next couple of days, I’ll also start to promote the tool again. February will be a month of resurrection. Once February ends, we will be stronger, fitter and better than ever before.

What’s going to happen in a near future?

My plan for the next couple of weeks is simple: back to life and improve.

Till the end of February, I’m going to do the following:

  • Make sure that everything works properly and also make sure that everyone can use the tool
  • Finish mechanisms of fetching data from blogs (fetching all the information about the blog posts)
  • Change functionality of adding new projects (new blogs) to Squidility (I want to add some fields and remove unnecessary ones, so Squidility’s analysis could be more interesting)
  • Fix the layout of this blog (I found some bugs here and I want to fix them)
  • Start marketing Squidility once again

And March will be even better. I promise. And can’t wait for that.

Entrepreneur, manager, blogger, man and father. Founder of Squidility, blogger KarolZielinski.com, CEO at PayLane.

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